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My name is Silvia Trevino and Yes, I want to be your next Harris County Constable of Precinct 6.

On behalf of all our family, I want to say thank you for all your prayers, your love and the support you have given us all these years; but specifically these last four years. I want to impress upon you that while we have all been through our own trials and tribulations in our life, that is not what defines us. Through our faith in God, the overwhelming love and support of family and friends like you, we have overcome those obstacles and so can you. Those obstacles and those challenges have taught us to stay strong in our faith, to have courage, and to continue to move forward in a positive direction, to persevere and to NEVER, EVER give up on who you are and where you want to be. In the past several months, I have been honored to have been approached by several persons asking me to consider running for Harris County Constable of this great Precinct 6 community.

I have a deep rooted commitment to Precinct 6 and I would like to see Precinct 6 become the safest community in Harris County. I have lived in Precinct 6 for at least 50 years of my life. I am a second generation Houstonian. I grew up in the near Northside of Houston, just down the street from Moody Park. I went to Looscan Elementary, Marshall Middle School and I graduated from Jeff Davis High School. I am a native Precinct 6 resident. My sister, my three brothers and I were all born and raised in Precinct 6’s Near Northside off of Collingsworth and Robertson. I am a Northside girl; and I am proud of it. I Love my Precinct! I love my precinct and I accept the Candidacy for Harris County Constable of Precinct 6.

I am the proud, proud wife of my husband Victor Trevino, who served as our Harris County Constable of Precinct 6 for the past 26 years. I have been married to this wonderful man for 43 years. We have three beautiful children, a daughter in law, a son in law, and 6 precious grandchildren. Our beautiful and favorite daughter Carolyn Garcia, our son-in-law Michael Garcia, our son Victor Trevino III, our son Thomas Trevino, who is married to our beautiful and favorite daughter-in-law Cristina, our precious one and only granddaughter my Lauren, our precious grandsons Gavynn, Christopher, Michael David, Isaiah, and Thomas Ray. I also want to recognize our nephew Michael Tudon, who will always hold a very special place in our heart along with his beautiful wife Stephanie and their children Dominique and Delilah.


We have lived here in the East End for the past 30 years, aqui, donde nuestra casa es su casa. Our children attended Cage Elementary, Jackson Middle School and both my husband and my three children graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School.

Victor and I both come from parents who worked hard all their life and made sacrifices for us, so that we could have a better education and better opportunities. My mother in law, la Senora Luisa Trevino, 93 years young, an immigrant from Mexico, raised her 9 children. My father in law, the late Senor Victoriano Trevino, also an immigrant from Mexico, retired from Southern Pacific Railroad after many years of service.

My dad, the late Rufino (Rufus) Rodriguez, one of 10 siblings, was a Teamsters Union Member and retired after 35 years of service from East Texas Motor Freight Lines working as both a truck driver and a dock worker. My dad was raised in the Precinct 6 historical neighborhood El Cresol, just off of Liberty Road. He was a hard worker and a good provider for our family.


My mom, Consuelo (Connie), also one of 10 siblings, was raised in the Precinct 6 Near-Northside, near the historical “Poppa Burger” on Main Street. Growing up, my mom was very involved in our schools and she served as our HISD PTA President. My mom has always been a very strong, independent, and hard working woman.

As a divorced single parent, mom began her career later in life as a retail clerk. She would take a bus to and from work during the late evenings from downtown Houston then later to and from the Galleria area on another job. Mom learned to drive later in her age and is still driving today at the age of 86. If you haven’t already noticed, my Mom is truly an inspiration to me; she is my best cheerleader.


Both Mom and Dad taught us to be respectful; especially to our elders, and to be grateful, and appreciative for what we have. We were taught to say, please, yes mam, yes sir, thank you. Hard work, perseverance, respect; these are the values my parents have instilled in me and that is what I will continue to take with me.

I have been in Law Enforcement for 29 years and I hold a Master Peace Officer Certification. I retired from the Houston Police Department after serving 21 years as a Police Officer and retired from the Harris County Constable’s Office after serving 8 ½ years as a Lieutenant. With the Houston Police Department, I was honored and proud to be one of only 6 females who graduated from the Houston Police Academy in a class of 70 cadets. Throughout my 21 years with the Houston Police Department, I have worked in the city’s Jail Division, I have worked as a Public Information Officer, serving as a Spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, I am certified as a Field Training Instructor, a Field Training Evaluator and I have trained and evaluated numerous Probationary Officers that have graduated from the Houston Police Academy. I have worked the Northeast Patrol Division for 16 years; patrolling the Northeast streets of Houston including Denver Harbor, 5th Ward, Pleasantville, Federal Road and Uvalde Areas.

With Harris County, I was just as honored and proud to serve as a Lieutenant with Harris County Precinct 7 Constable’s Office. I was the only Hispanic and the only Female serving on the all-male, African American Command Staff for the 8 ½ years I served at Precinct 7. As the Lieutenant, I was assigned to supervise both the Administrative Division and the Field Operations Division, which consisted of supervising all the Contract and Patrol Deputies and Sergeants. You should know that in my 8 ½ years with Harris County, I received Supervisor of the Year Award and my annual Performance Evaluations at Precinct 7 were described as Exceptional and Exceeds Exceptional.

“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same as making a ‘life’ ~Maya Angelou

I know that together, we will make a difference in Precinct 6 through Community Policing for a Better Tomorrow. Prior to the appointed administrator, Precinct 6 was on an upward mobility and I want to continue that progress. I want to take the office of Precinct 6 to new heights.

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